Pathema has distinguished itself in many ways over the years. That others think so too is evident from the prizes and awards that we have received in recent years. Below you will find the latest one. In previous years we also won the Water Innovator Award 2017, Most promissing and innovative young company 2016 and the PIP award 2016. Please contact us if you want to know more about these awards.


Pathema wins Energy Innovator award 2019

Pathema was voted Most Sustainable Cooling Water Treatment Provider 2019 by Corporate Vision at their annual Energy Innovator Awards. Global energy is an important problem that we face in today's society. The emphasis on renewable and energy-efficient solutions and technology is now paving the  way for future generations to express the need for cleaner and safer energy. With the Energy Innovator Awards, Corporate Vision highlights leading companies and individuals who are persistent and determined.

Every nominee is carefully examined. For example, we look at the performance in the past 12 months, the dedication to innovation and possible competition. This way only the most outstanding companies go home with this award. Pathema is therefore proud to be able to bear this title. Mark Boeren, who received the award, says: “Pathema focuses on chemical-free cooling water treatment. With our "plug & play" technology, scale, corrosion and microbiological growth are prevented. We realize that chemical-free, with reduced energy and with reduced water consumption. It is good that with this award – besides working chemical-free and reducing water consumption – there is also being paid attention to the reduced energy consumption that we achieve with our technology. With this award that aspect also gains a well-deserved podium place. With our technology, circular production becomes accessible on multiple fronts. For companies, this is a great opportunity to go from Make, Take, Waste to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. ”