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Pathema BV is located in Goirle (in the south of the Netherlands) and is an innovative and dynamic company operating in, product devolpment, engineering, selling and renting sustainable water treatment technology.

The products are usually customized based on the needs and technical requirements of customer and installation. Our products are distinguished by a chemical-free operation, energy and water savings and ensure sustainable investment. Our products are deployed where refrigeration-, process-, waste-, surface- and boiler water systems are applied.

Pathema BV has the ambition to provide sustainable and reliable technology to the industry and community. The motivation is to cooperate in harmony with the environment and to be financial profitable.

Water is a scarce resource; therefore it is our joint commitment to use it wisely.

Our solutions

IVG-C CoolWater

Prevent corrosion, scaling and microbiology without any chemicals

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Process water free of lime scaling, without chemicals

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mixing efficiency

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The RealIce system degasses the mop water, which reduces energy costs and improves ice quality.

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IVG-C CoolWater PRO in practice

Lamb Weston / Meijer is one of the world's largest companies in frozen potato products and dried potato flakes. In 2014 a large investment project was started at the Bergen op Zoom site, where the capacity of this location was doubled with a new production line and the existing production line was renovated. In 2016, the cooling water supply of the new production line was also taken care of. Luc Wuyts was involved in the project as a maintenance engineer after he had convinced the management of a chemical-free water treatment. A year later Lamb Weston / Meijer and the supplier took stock.