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Waste does not exist. That is why we want to reuse as much as possible. Our installations are delivered plug & play (P&P).

Blowdown Water Recovery

Waste does not exist. That is why we want to reuse as much as possible, including the discharge water. By thoroughly filtering water, we can recover up to 94% of what we previously considered as waste. The discharge water is collected in a water basin instead of being washed away in the sewer. We filter this water to first remove the solids, and then the dissolved substances. After these filtering steps, we recycle the recovered water as fresh make-up water. This allows the water to be recycled as cooling water.


Remote Monitoring & Assistance

RMA takes the day-to-day responsibilities for maintenance and repair of your business off your hands and enables you to get back to what really matters. Pathema can easily maintain the technology infrastructure of your installation with Remote Monitoring & Assistance, anywhere in the world. So you can focus on what really matters in your company. In addition, RMA significantly reduces the chance of downtime by monitoring your cooling water and hardware 24/7.


Clean in Place

Clean-in-place is a method of cleaning the surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings without disassembly. The advantage of using a CIP is that cleaning is faster, less labor-intensive and more repeatable. There is less chance of exposure to chemicals, which increases safety. The CIP is integrated with a fully automatic system. The system determines the efficiency of the installation based on various measurements. When the moment has been reached to deploy the CIP, the installation automatically plans the best moment for the CIP. Continuous production is guaranteed by means of buffer tanks, even during CIP activity.

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Plug & Play

To promote flexibility and design freedom, Pathema can carry out its installations in one or more shipping containers if desired. These shipping container(s) are placed on your company site. The pipe connections, power and access doors are prefabricated in accordance with your wishes. We can also fully integrate various systems such as water buffers, tanks and CIP systems into the design, so that the adjustment on your site is as minimal as possible.


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