Grolsch has been brewing beer for more than 400 years on the basis of its own convictions and with carefully selected ingredients.

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About Grolsch

Grolsch is sometimes seen as different, as quirky, but you can also call it character. Character is having the confidence and conviction to choose your own path, just as Pathema does.

In the past, Grolsch used to make use of ice from the Grolse canal for cooling purposes during the summer. The ice was cut out over the winter and kept in insulated cellars. Regarding the field of cooling water, you could call this circular working avant la lettre. Since then a lot has happened in that area.

Hot summers

In the years prior to the placement of the IVG-C installation, there had already been telephone contact between Grolsch and Pathema due to technical interest. Grolsch had a recurring problem. In the warm summer months, bio-fouling formed in the cooling towers, a slimy layer that clogged the sprinklers. This phenomenon recurred every summer and had a serious consequence: corrosion occurred on the zinc pipe bundle.

This caused microbiological corrosion, which causes heat exchangers to wear out faster. Increased addition of chemicals in different compositions failed to solve this problem. Following the previous contact, the link with Pathema was quickly established.


Grolsch had a chemical treatment with two types of chemicals. There are 4 evaporative condensers for ammonia cooling and 1 cooling tower for oil cooling. Each tower/condenser had its own water treatment. Pathema linked all cooling towers/evaporator condensers into 1 system , linking this system  the one water treatment from Pathema.

The IVG10C Nano 6 is placed in a 10-foot plug & play container and is placed on the roof of the Grolsch brewery.

Clear results

  • The thickening has been reduced to a factor of 5. This resulted in a water saving of 13%
  • The phosphate number has been reduced. As a result, there is no longer any question of bio-fouling
  • The chloride number has been reduced, reducing the corrosion pressure

The IVG water treatment has also resulted in:

  • 100% chemical-free cooling water treatment
  • Recyclable splash water
  • Improved safety when cleaning the cooling towers
  • Microbiological corrosion completely stopped

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