Our Vision

The water transition is just around the corner. And due to the ever-increasing public pressure and upcoming legislations and regulations, even faster than many of the large consumers in the industry are used to moving.

This means that in their switch from 'Take, Make & Waste' to 'Reduce, Re-use & Recycle' they are forced to make choices and take measures that are more disruptive and riskier than they are comfortable with.

Our Mission

Making the water transition rigorously simple for large consumers in industry. Pathema achieves this with a cooling water solution that removes all the complexity surrounding the switch to ‘Reduce, Re-use & Recycle’. So the industry can not only take the step to 100% chemical-free and circular cooling in time, but also in a comfortable way.

  • No risks
  • No high costs
  • No experimental solutions
  • No production downtime
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Core Values


Impact First

For many, our solution sounds too good to be true. But it certainly isn’t. We are only too happy to prove that. We have a special passion for impact; to show results, savings and performance that demonstrate that our solution really works.

And because circularity is our biggest dream, our drive for impact naturally continues. For example, we are keen to make an ever greater contribution to a better world not only with our products, but also through the way we work. A world in which industry and nature work together in harmony.


Simplicity as Nature

It’s in our nature not to make things harder than they need to be. Our technique is our greatest source of inspiration; a solution that makes a complex process rigorously simple with the power of nature. It is a principle that symbolizes our mentality. And what we have implemented in the way we work.

We are pragmatic. Communicate plain and clearly. We don’t dream, we take action. Keep a cool head and instantly turn complex challenges into solutions that are safe and simple. After all, the water transformation is already complicated and challenging enough.

This way, we get great things done and remove the barrier for our customers to take major steps towards a fully circular production process.


100% sincere

We act and communicate in a way that is honest, direct and completely transparent. Simple really, exactly the way we would like to be treated ourselves. That comes naturally to us. It is not without reason that we have made this our business model. We are only relevant when we do 100% what we promise. That is why we do not sell hot air, we stand with both feet firmly on the ground, and ‘honoring commitments’ is the most natural thing in the world to us.


Security for later

Our solutions and our way of work are focused on impact. On achieving immediate results. This way we make it easy for our customers to take major steps in the transformation to circular cooling today . But of course we also look beyond today. As soon as our installation is up and running, we look to the future. We lead the way in developing our knowledge. This enables us to actively take our customers by the hand. And to help overcome all challenges that come along the way to a fully circular production process.

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