Pathema - about us

Getting acquainted

Pathema is an innovative and dynamic company which has been successfully engaged in the engineering of sustainable water treatment technology and product development for more than 10 years. We always put the customer first and think along in the constantly changing environment of water applications. Companies such as ASML, Grolsch, Heineken and Lamb Weston Meijer have already preceded you.

We have the ambition to deliver sustainable innovations to industry and to society. We want to reduce water scarcity in harmony with the environment and at the same time be profitable for the end user.

The technology of today!

In various industries sustainability is more and more visible in the field of water use. In contrast to what we saw untill today - polluting drinking water during the cooling proces with chemicals and then, at the end of the process, discharged it into its own or external water purification - you now see that investments are being made in sustainable solutions. Pathema has been able for quit some time now to treat cooling water completely free of chemicals. Besides reducing the water footprint and its social importance, this has many other advantages, such as the safety of the employees and the time savings it provides. Savings are also being made on discharge costs, water procurement and, of course, the chemicals themselves.

Limescale, corrosion and microbiological growth

The method that Pathema has developed to tackle lime scale, corrosion and microbiological growth without chemicals is our Industrial Vortex Generator-Circulation (IVG-C). The IVG-C provides a durable, chemistry-free solution, where the blowdown water can be safely drained or reused for other purposes. It is a "plug-and-play" system with low water and energy consumption and can be offered on the basis of a full operational lease and "no cure no pay".

The next step already has been taken

The innovative Pathema has already taken it a step further and in 2020 a water treatment system will be available that virtually eliminates the need for drinking water for the cooling towers: The IVG-CT Waste Water Recovery. We have the knowledge and experience to purify waste water for reuse in the cooling towers, for example for steam production, but other applications are also conceivable. It is a self-cleaning system, which means that the recovered waste water can be reused and less cooling water is used. There is a substantial water footprint saving and reduction of tap water.

Sustainable developments such as these are the trend for the coming years. Social pressure is increasing and our clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce. People are really going to reduce, reuse and recycle water, so that in the long run no drinking water and chemicals will have to be used for utilities.