Vortex water treatment offers solution to chemical-free treatment of SmartDC cooling tower

SmartDC was looking for a solution to prevent lime, microbiological growth and corrosion. That solution was found at Pathema. The data center opted for the IVG-C solution and this not only yielded a water saving of 75%, the adiabatic cooling tower was also optimized by degassing the cooling water. The cooling water solution that has been running smoothly at the data center since 2014 is seen as an important link in the sustainable operation of the data center. In particular, the flexibility to operate multiple cooling units with one water treatment offers them many options.

Downtime is unacceptable at data centers. Therefore water treatment is completely redundant and an option has been built to retain the cooling water longer, if there is a short supply of water. This offers the operator more certainty and guarantees towards the end users.

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