RealIce system

Real-ice is a brand name entered by Pathema in the Benelux.  The Real-Ice benefit is a complete system for water treatment on your ice-skating rink. The system uses the patented Vortex generator that treats water in a continuous process. The Vortex technology derives from natural principles and has both economic and ecological advantages. There is no usage of chemicals and besides that, the system accomplishes a better ice quality in combination with lower energy costs.

Advantages using RealIce

With the use of the Vortex technology you are guaranteed the best and most optimal foundation for ice of high quality. In regular use and maintenance the water passes the Vortex generator before it enters the tank of the ice cleaning machine. At the building of a new ice skating rink the water  passes the Vortex generators at first and subsequently the patented handheld. With the usage of cold piped water the following advantages can be gained:

  • Use of cold water instead of warm ice cleaning water
  • Higher ground temperature ice rink
  • Lower energy consumption
  • More sustainable, smoother and improved ice
  • Less calcium deposit
  • Lower compressor load
  • Improved viscosity (treacliness)
  • Less maintenance machinery 

Increasing the cooling capacity

By constantly degassing the cooling water, the IVC Vortex raises the cooling capacity of your system as a result of the improved water capacity and reduced viscosity.  In the vacuum of the Vortex Water treatment gas bubbles leave the (cooling) water. This improves the heat capacity or specific heat of the water and enables the cooling water to withhold more heat from the process. The withdrawal of gasses from the water will low the viscosity as a result of which the water will flow better and the cooling area is enlarged.


Pathema BV aims to give you more control over the cooling water process. By the touch screen operation of our own software you handle the control buttons regarding PH, thickening and filtering – even by remote control! Your hardware and control increases the lifetime of your installations.


As the water is free of chemicals it is re-usable in another grey water circuit. Groundwater or rest water from your production process can also be employed with the IVC-G solution for the use of cooling water. We would be happy to visit you for a reliable advice.