IVG In Line

The IVG-IL – Industrial Vortex Generator – In Line – system is a chemical free solution for the prevention of calcium and iron deposit, scaling and biology in your building, cleaning or production process. The principal is based on the change of the calcium crystal that takes place the moment the calcareous water flows through a three dimensional vortex. This vortex is realised by the use of the patented Vortex generator.

In combination with a UV-C radiation technique a gatekeeper system is designed to control the calcium and iron deposit, biology and feed pressure at the beginning of your process.

How does the IVG-IL system work?

In the IVG-IL skid a strong and stable Vortex is developed with the Vortex Process Technology. In fact, this is a controlled cavitation. An uncontrolled cavitation created by the under pressure can f.i. be seen with a rotating boat propeller. The Vortex withholds untethered gasses from the water by the under pressure created in the centre of the Vortex, the so-called controlled cavitation. All untethered gasses, among which carbon dioxide CO2 gasses, are withheld from the water by the under pressure. The rather dissolvable Calcium-hydrogen carbonate Ca(HCO3)(aq) will be transferred into  Calcium carbonate GACO3 (s) during this process

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