Mixing with Vortex

The FLowMix is ​​an aerator using a patented "Vortex Process Technology ®" (VPT). A Vortex generator creates a vacuum in the FlowMixer. By placing a suction pipe in the vacuum of the Vortex, in contact with air above the water surface, we lift this vacuum. The Vortex thus draws in air and mixes it in the water that is pumped through the Vortex. The FlowMix technology works energetically optimally in shallow water from 0.5 to 3.0 meters depth, with respect to point, plate or other traditional aeration.

The FLowMix has no moving parts and only needs 'water flow' to bring gas into water. The pump or water feed that generates this flow is completely separate from the FlowMix itself.

In an aeration system with several FlowMixers, one module can be disconnected for maintenance, without having to stop the aeration process of the other FlowMixers. In addition, the bubble package that leaves the FlowMix generates a bubble package flow, creating a circular flow in round tanks.